Matt Hisamoto

web designer and developer for hire.

Fullsteam Brewery

Launch Site

Officially the coolest project to date, our partnership with Fullsteam blessed us with the chance to redesign and reorganize their website and empower owner Sean Wilson a more cohesive outlet for broadcasting their mission: to create a Southern beer economy.

Fun Beer Tours Milwaukee

Launch Site

I had the opportunity to build this cool site with a good friend, the talented Sean Baker and our company Superboss, for Paul Hepp and his brewery tour business. Built on WordPress, with Sean's killer design, I created a more user-friendly admin and developed some custom integrations with the XOLA booking software Paul uses to schedule the tours. If you find yourself in Milwaukee, give Paul a shout and check out some of the awesome breweries in town.

Completed in April 2016

Stevens Institute of Technology

Launch Site

Another killer school site I was fortunate to contribute to before I left Baltimore, Fastspot really knocked it out of the park with this component-based design. Running on Drupal with a simple but sophisticated design system, highlights the opportunities and experience of an innovative university. And it's red, we love red. My portion wrapped up in December 2015, site launched in March 2016.

Towson University

Launch Site

Towson University contacted Fastspot to redesign their website, reorganizing data and celebrating their 150th anniversary. I was fortunate to work with talented designers, and created the front-end portions of the site. I have personal ties to the university (my oldest sister attended), and I was excited to be able to lend a hand in what I thought was a challenging build and engaging experience. I was empowered to work with another party to hand off files for the CMS integration and gave advice and insight on accessibility and file organization. Front-end completed in 2015, site launched early 2016.

Ohio Wesleyan University

Launch Site

With a bold design putting original content and , Ohio Wesleyan University engages with students using imagery and well compartmentalized chunks of information. I was lucky enough to see this one all the way through, and it was a lot of fun to work with. Our designers did some neat things and the CSS transitions really bring the page to life. Completed for Fastspot in November 2015.

Bay Path University

Launch Site

I split the workload in HTML, CSS and JavaScript development on the Bay Path University website update. Modern and reorganized, the site brings potential and current students, parents, employees and the public closer the information they're looking for. Completed for Fastspot in November 2015.

Spent Refresh

Launch Site

Luck struck twice with SPENT. Nick Jones, co-creator of the game SPENT contacted me to update it from a Flash app available on fewer and fewer devices to a responsive design built entirely with HTML, CSS and Javascript. I used BigTreeCMS for the back-end system, and refactored the game engine with PHP, formerly using ActionScript. It was a unique challenge, and brings an already popular experience to any device. Completed for McKinney in 2014.

Lafayette College

Launch Site

I handled a large portion of the front-end programming for the Lafayette College website redesign. Already on WordPress, we worked with individuals from Lafayette's technology and communications departments to craft an experience that would enhance their existing system while giving it that stunning Fastspot design. Completed for Fastspot in July 2015.

For more, check out this blog post on Fastspot's website about the process.

Arcadia University

Launch Site

I was responsible for most front-end programming as well as some of the back-end PHP work to integrate with BigTree CMS. It was named "People’s Choice" in EduStyle Web Awards. Completed for Fastspot in August 2014.


SPENT is a flash game that places the user in a tough situation: you've just lost your job, your home and you have to get through a month's worth of difficult decisions to make sure that you and your family can scrape by. Created by Nick Jones and Jenny Nicholson, I was tapped to help build and launch SPENT for the Urban Ministries of Durham.

University of Puget Sound

Launch Site

I teamed with our other developers at Fastspot to work on the website update for The University of Puget Sound. A new design applied to the same architecture, we created new HTML, CSS and JavaScript to change the way the information was presented. The site has won several awards. Completed for Fastspot in November 2013.

Bucknell University

Launch Site

I contributed some global and minor components to our first real "atomic" project, breaking up the site into pieces that could be configured in different ways. The site has been widely well received for being a unique presentation, and has won several awards. Completed for Fastspot in 2014.